My work investigates the human body as it intersects with
culture, history, and psyche.  I am especially interested in
fat, aging, and otherwise culturally despised bodies.  The
material substance of the body intrigues me: skin, flesh and
bones, systems and processes, organs and vessels.

                                                        Ann Rowles

CONTORTIONS - Crocheted sculpture created in the context of
caring for an elderly parent. 2004 -2013

RE-CONSTRUCTIONS - Cast-fabric riffs on cosmetic surgery and
flesh as a culturally malleable material. 1997- ongoing

HYPERPLASIA - Revenge of the Fat Girl.  Larger than life-sized
garments of wire mesh. 1989-1998

VESTS & RELIQUARIES  - Material culture: objects both found
and with a personal history - constructed into pedestal size
reliquary sculptures or combined with fabric, sewn, quilted,
embroidered and otherwise manipulated into life-sized garments.
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© Ann Rowles
Ann Rowles
Mixed Media Sculpture
Digital composite image: details
from 5 sculptures