From 2004-2013 I cared
for my elderly, formerly
independent mother.  
Out of this experience I
created “Porosity,” a
crocheted spine-like form
reflecting the ravages of
Osteoporosis, and
“Noose” a crocheted
form suggesting the
digestive track.

The health conditions
that most concerned her
became a topic for my
work.   Other works
followed: "Cradle," a
pelvis , "Dreads," a
heart, and "Snare," a
second digestive tract.

Crochet is a portable
media I could carry with
me to doctor’s
appointments and  
hospital bedsides.  

It references the work of
my great-grandmother
who taught me to
crochet as a child.
All rights reserved,
© Ann Rowles
Ann Rowles
Mixed Media Sculpture
Cotton thread,  found doilies,
mixed media
Acrylic thread, Vinyl tubing
Installations at SOHO20 Gallery, NYC
Cotton Thread, vinyl tubing
Cotton thread, tubing, wire.
Mixed fibers, wire, tubing.